The founders of the company are Kutek Maciej and Elizabeth Kutek who create lamps for almost 30 years. The company, which was founded by them is the culmination of their dreams and passions. Dreams about it, to create a strong brand that would be identified with luxury and elegance to create a premium product that in a sea of commercialism, serial and dull design, could distinquish the craftsmanship and attention to detail and finesse design. Creating own product sought to rely on the praise for beautiful things, for surrounding himself with beautiful objects they consider to be a natural human need. So - Kutek Company was founded with the desire for beauty … .

The offer of Kutek Company is addressed to clients, for whom beauty
and uniqueness are not only a luxury but a natural need, which they want and can afford. The company's priority is to give real shape the desires of customers and ennobling binding these desires into their own products. For the production of lamps there are used components of highest quality from European suppliers: high-grade brass of the best Italian mills, the highest quality Polish glass and world-renowned Swarovski crystals… . As a result of almost 30 years of experience Kutek Company manages to maintain a high level of quality. Products are not the cheapest, but the price is a reflection of the quality, and the quality in this case must be only one: the best!

Kutek Company has modern machinery, but its greatest strength is the staff. Their skills and experience gained over many years when working in a company directly translates into the quality of the products manufactured by them. Even the most expensive, cutting-edge devices are not able to replace an experienced, loyal employee. One can state, with full responsibility, that the lamps would not be complete without the contribution of the crew. Their skills and commitment to work give the final touch to products and one can say that thanks to this lamps branded “Kutek” have their own soul.

Lamps of Kutek Company discreetly performing its function will allow you to immerse yourself in the sensual elegance, make you feel special. Flashing warm reflections of light, framed in jewel lamp are the key to creating a unique atmosphere, will trigger in you a sense of calm, relaxation and comfort. Therefore, we encourage the state to get acquainted with our company and to cooperate.